Author: Tank Wilson

Tree Stand Placement

A tree stand is often a must have for bow hunters, but it can be useful for rifle hunters as well. It can allow you to stay warm, and comfortable for prolonged periods of time. Step 1: Find the Game The first step to picking a tree stand location is locating a spot where the game are likely to pass so start searching for deer signs, or signs from whatever game you are hunting. Look for things like scat, tracks, sheds, scarred trees, or signs that the deer have been eating the vegetation in the area. Step 2: Select...

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Types of Tree Stands

There are many different tree stands available from the big box hunting stores. We’ll discuss the most common ones here. First and foremost it’s important to select a tree stand which is capable of handling your weight with gear, and will allow sufficient mobility when it’s time to spring into action. Be sure to check the weight limit on any tree stand to ensure it can hold you with all of your gear on. Many will support up to 350lbs. Fixed Tree Stands Fixed tree ­stands are platforms that you secure to a tree using rope, or straps. There...

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California Fishing License

California is a vast and diverse state offering saltwater fishing, and freshwater fishing to sport and commercial fishermen. We will be discussing only the California sportfishing licensing here. With a coastal state this large there are bound to be many different fishing license options which we’ll explain here, along with a few tips from the team here so you can keep your costs down. Please remember that fishing licenses are required for any person attempting to take fish, crustraceans (shellfish), and more from California waters. By buying a license, you are helping to pay for fishery conservation education,  and...

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Drones Banned in National Parks

For those of us planning a visit to one of our many national parks this year, it’s important to remember the rules and regulations regarding drone use. Drone Use Drone use is explicitly banned in national parks across the U.S. on the basis that they are known to impact the solitude and quiet many of us are searching for in the parks, and because the drone noise may disrupt the wildlife found in the parks. A 2017 NASA study found that the sounds drones produce were approximately two times as annoying to the average person as the same volume...

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REI Stops Selling Camelbak due to NRA Connection

REI, the co-op synonymous with the sale of outdoor equipment such as camping gear, hiking gear, cycling gear, and more in the US, is facing great pressure to stop selling products from the Vista  Outdoors brand company. This comes on the heels of recent gun violence, and Vista’s history of support of the NRA (National Rifle Association). The media has brought to light that Vista is a long time supported of the NRA, and profits from production of assault rifles – roughly 75% of Vista’s revenues is directly or indirectly tied to gun and ammunition sales. Vista is best known for it’s mainstream outdoor brands which include Camelbak hydration systems, Giro helmets and shoes, Bell helmets, Bolle eyewear, Camp Chef camping equipment, Blackburn bicycle accessories, and a number of lesser known brands. As of march 1st, 2018, REI has put a hold on future orders of Vista products, following in the footsteps of Canada’s MEC outdoor gear retailer, who took a similar stance on earlier the same day. REI and MEC are increasing the pressure on Vista and the NRA. We encourage those interested in learning more about the REI petition to do so....

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Mountainsmith Cooler: Cooloir 12 Review

The Mountainsmith Cooloir 12 soft-sided cooler is aptly named for its ability to hold 12 cans of liquid (aka. 12 liters) with ice and a little room left over for odds and ends. The Cooloir claims to keep drinks cold for up to 72 hours and so we are putting this soft-sided cooler to the test. The real secret sauce here is the closed-cell EVA foam insulation, which makes the difference over the coolers of years and decades past. This new closed-cell EVA foam really delivers the insulation needed to maintain temperature beyond 24 hours, and that’s the real...

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News: Gander Outdoors Stores Re-Opening across U.S.

It’s not often we see a bankrupt brand re-opening let alone in its existing locations, but for Gander Mountain customers there is good news. The outdoor fishing retailer known as Gander Mountain is re-branding and opening stores up across the United States after being acquired by Camping World Holdings. In total, 69 former Gander Mountain stores are scheduled to be re-opened under the Gander Outdoors brand by May of 2018. The stores will continue to provide customers with the camping, fishing, hunting, and outdoor gear they associate with the Gander brand. The following locations will reopen under the new...

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News: Huk Fishing and Nomad Hunting Raises $37.5 Million

Fishing apparel company, Huk, and its parent company, Marolina Outdoors Inc. recently announced that it has received a $37.5 Million investment from Goode Partners. Marolina owns and operates Huk, the fishing apparel maker, and Nomad, the hunting gear maker, among other brands. Goode Partners is a New York based venture capital firm. The Huk and Nomad brands have a small catalog of products which includes a line of technical shirts, technical jackets, footwear and other accessories for hunting and fishing. We can expect that catalog of products to grow in coming years. For those of us who are fans...

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