Author: Gary Lewis

Top Flies for BIG Trout

Don’t use Small Fish Tactics to Catch Big Trout A lot of people want to catch big trout but they get stuck using small fish tactics. If you want to catch big ones, don’t fish dry flies. Big trout don’t get that way by feeding on the surface. Most fish won’t grow beyond 16 inches on a diet that consists solely of bugs.  Trout that feed on crayfish and baitfish put on pounds at a far greater rate than insect feeders. These predators will eat fish that are up to one-third their own size. To target 24-inch trout, don’t...

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10 Tandem Rigs for Trout

For bigger fish from streams and stillwaters, try these two-fly setups Tandem rigs give the fly-fisherman a chance to double their chances of a take by running two or more flies. The combinations are endless, but here are 10 tempting multi-fly rigs to take to streams and stillwaters this season. Sparkle and Stone Rig For about 30 days a year, two flies generate a lot of hum. As the water warms in late May, salmonfly and golden stonefly nymphs crawl toward shore. The migration creates a buzz in the taste buds of trout that key on these golden mouthfuls....

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